Who`s gonna ride your wild… website?

So you have a business. And you have a website. What`s next?

Are you going to update it? Add some fresh content? Deliver value to your prospects and clients. Who`s going to take care of it? Who`s going to be in charge?

In my experience so many business owners have never even thaught about it.

There are few options. All of them have their pros and cons. Unfortunately none of them perfect.

  1. Small business owner is updating it himself / herself. Who else knows your business and your clients as good as you do, right? Well, as inspiring as it sounds at the first moment, for most of us it is not going to work out well. Why? Two main reasons. First – lack of time we can devote to this task. Most of us have a list of tasks the size of a toilet paper roll. Second – lack of technical knowledge. Yes, if you ask me, it`s a piece of cake six year old can do (at least my 6-year old daughter can make sense of back end at my WordPress based webites), but not everyone is that tech savvy. And, not everyone has such a friendly CMSes (hah, shameless self promotion… 🙂 don`t )
  2. The IT guy takes the responsibility. There are always exceptions, but typical IT guys I`ve seen in my life are not much into marketing, bonding with clients and building relationships. The reason why some (majority?) of IT crowd chose this path is because they like computers more than people. I don`t want it to come out wrong, but coding the page and delivering the message are two different things. On the bright side, they can handle the technical aspect of this task with one hand tied to their back.
  3. Secretary or trainee. If you`re lucky

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