WordPress Blog Setup

Welcome to Silver Bullet Professional Blog Setup! I`m Uldis Zalcmanis and I install professional WordPress blogs with all the bells and whistles so you can quickly and easily get on your way to becoming a successful blogger.

You need a blog with your own domain name

If you are considering having a professional or money making blog, then getting your own domain name and having a professional installation is a big key to long term success. Sure there are several free blogging sites out there but there is no other blogging system that gives you the number of useful and money making features that are available with WordPress.

Time is money

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the planet but for those who have little experience doing so, getting a blog set up and configured properly can be a painstaking task. It can easily take the average person several hours or even days (I spent 12 days to get my first blog to the state where it was more/less ok) to completely set up WordPress, install and configure all the popular plugins and set up a great looking theme. With my blog setup packages, you can leave the technical stuff to me and spend your valuable time doing what you do best…creating great content and growing your business!

Here`s what you get:

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