FREE Blog Setup

No, this isn’t a trick and you don’t end up with some crappy looking website.  It’s the exact same blog setup you get with my Basic WordPress Blog Setup. I just worked out a way for you to get it free of charge! Here’s how it works…I can install your blog for free because when you sign up for hosting through one of the links on this page, the hosting company will pay me for referring them a new client. This fee offsets what I normally charge for my basic setup, so basically the hosting company pays for your setup. Pretty sweet, huh?

Here`s what you get with FREE WordPress Blog Setup:

It’s easy to start blogging!

Blogging is the easiest way to start making money online and now’s the time to stake your claim in the world wide web! To get started, complete the steps below and you’ll be blogging in no time!

Step 1: Register for a hosting plan

Note: Do not proceed to Step 2 without completing Step 1 first. You must purchase a qualifying plan from one of the hosting companies listed below. You must click the links or banner on this page in order to receive credit for the hosting signup. Make sure your browser settings do not block cookies. Immediately after purchasing a hosting plan, fill out the setup form at the bottom of this page.


  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Host unlimited websites
  • cPanel control panel

Although it does not include free domain registration and there are slightly cheaper options available, proven Top-notch service makes me zealous fan of Host Gator. You can chose Hatchling Plan but I suggest it only if you are 100% sure you will always have a need for only 1 Domain name (example, Baby Plan can host only one of your sites comparing – other plans offer unlimited domains. It means, should you later decide to set up another website for specific product – you don`t need another hosting account.

Click here to register your hosting account

Go to Web Hosting and choose your plan. Chose Hatchling Plan only if you are sure 1 domain is all you`ll ever need. Otherwise go for Baby or Business plans.


Step 2: Register your domain name

Click here to register domain name

The process is simple. Enter in search field your desired domain name (example, If your desired domain name is available – proceed with next steps till you finalize purchase. It`s simple guided process and you shouldn`t experience any challenges. Sill, if you experience some problems – do not hesitate to let me know. I`ll do my best to help you out.


Step 3: Submit the following setup form including all fields

Note: Do not submit this form unless you have completed Step 1 and signed up for a new hosting account using one of the links above. If you already have a hosting account with one of the above companies or you wish to have your blog hosted elsewhere, choose from one of my other Blog Setup Services. Fill out the form carefully! Your free blog will be set up according to the information you provide below. Changes after setup will require additional fees (which means it’s no longer free).

You should have already received an email from them containing your account information and setup. I will need some of the information to begin with the process of installing WordPress for you.

Note: I do not store any of your passwords or data.

After the installation is complete, and you are satisfied I remove all information regarding your website, so your information is safe with me. To make you feel completely safe I would suggest you to change your cPanel access password. The only reason I ask for the temporary Control Panel access is to create the MYSQL database and set up professional email(s). I can set up email account for you with the name you desire, so please include that in the message box.

[contact-form 2 “Blog Setup Request Form”]

Step 4: Sit back and relax, you’ll be blogging soon!

That’s it. I’ll get to work on your new blog setup as soon as possible. Most of the time, they are completed within two business days. You will receive an email after your project is finished containing your blog’s login information along with tips and video tutorials to get started with your new site.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Now for the fine print: In order for me to provide the installation for free, all qualifications must be met above and I must receive the referral fee from the hosting company. If the referral fee is not received, I cannot do a free installation. Hey, I have to put food on the table for my two wonderful cuties and my amazing lady!