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My Passion is Marketing

For Me Website is a Marketing Tool. Period.

Here`s a little part of my checklist that I use to evaluate business website as a marketing tool:

  • Can your site be updated with fresh content just as easy as MS Word document? This is major let-down with most of the unique, good-looking, expensive static sites. It amazes me to see someone still having a business site that has to be redesigned just to add additional menu item. Let me tell you once and for all: both Google and your customers love fresh, high-value content updated on a regular basis. Don`t make them turn to your competitors.
  • Is your site built to please Search Engines? Yes, I know, every design studio will tell you they build Search Engine Optimized sites, but let me give you just a checklist to compare and see if your site is really that SE friendly:
    • Permalinks. Does it automatically create SEO friendly permalinks (if you see something like at the top of your web browser, it is definetely net seo friendly permalink)?
    • Pinging. Does it automatically “reminds” Search Engines when your site has been updated? Search Engines love sites that are active, but often it takes much time for them to find it out… if only your site does not gently send a message to come and see what`s new.
    • Meta data. Does your site has the same title and description on every page? Is it created with Search Engines in mind? You are missing it out big time.
    • Feed submission. Does your site automatically submits your site updates to thousands of other websites without you even lifting a finger?
    • And many other things the average business person is not aware of… (and don`t blame yourself – you can`t find time for everything, can you…? On the other hand – no one knows YOUR BUSINESS better than you do)
  • Does your website provides multiple ways to turn visitor into customer? How many times does the person visiting your site sees compelling reasons to contact you. How many ways to engage do you provide? Does your site has enough compelling reasons for visitor to provide you with their contact data (so you can follow up)? With so many distractions in online world, visitors leave your website before you can say “Wait!”
  • Are you paying too much for unnecessary bells and whistles on sites that are built to be expensive brochures? Artists don`t know marketing. Web designers do not specialize in sales. Marketers do.

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