Web Design

I was about to put there generic message about Silver Bullet Web Solutions being so amazing and why you should chose our services over competition.

In few words it would sound like this:

  • In most cases (if project is not too complicated… if it is – I`ll let you know in advance) we get your site ready and published in very short terms (usually 1-2 weeks).
  • We strive for graphically most up-to-date solutions, so you can impress everyone around you with designs that look more expensive than you actually paid for.
  • We’re committed to make you absolutely happy with end result – satisfied is not what we’re expecting… excited, happy, amazed raving fan – that`s what we’re aiming for.

But then I think, what describes experience with us the best can be summed up in this testimonial from one of our clients:

One day I realized I need website to show people what and how I do. My current site was a journey that took me 4 years. I had 3 different web designers and 3 different websites, but none of them felt like what I`m looking for. Some were too complicated, some designs I just couldn’t get the way I desired, as designers had the kind of excuses like “there`s no way to make it that way”.

So, quite accidentally I was in search of another web designer and quite accidentally got introduced to Uldis Zalcmanis, a person who was many thousand kilometers away. From the very first conversation on Skype I had a feeling that something very good can come as a result. Uldis explained in details what can be done, what are options, what advantages and disadvantages of each approach, what I should and what I shouldn’t do and why. I explained what I want and it took only few days when first design mock-up was ready.

It was perfect! He hit “the bulls-eye” and I got what I wanted for SO LONG. Flawless, pixel-perfect design without any disturbing details – perfect. I was especially excited that I got to my long-desired site up and running in such a short term. I had a feeling that it was being developed 24 hours/day, non-stop…

When I launched the site, I received hundreds of compliments from different countries, and I keep receiving them up to this day.

Huge THANKS to you and I recommend everyone only you!!! This was one of my best projects this year!

Photographer Marcis Balstkars, www.baltskars.com