Search Engine Optimization

If Your Web-Site Can`t Be Found on the First Page of Google – It Might Not Exist At All.

search-engine-optimization-malaysia-smllIt’s an undisputed fact that having a website for your business is extremely important. Unfortunately, the “if we build it, they will come” mentality doesn’t work in today’s online world, no matter how appealing and user-friendly a website may be. Sure, people can probably find your site if they know your organization’s name or web address but what if they don’t? How will you reach those potential leads that are searching for more information?

You’ve got a good chance at reaching them with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It all starts with a search

Before we get into what SEO means, it makes sense to first understand how search engines work. Each search engine has a huge database that it builds by sending out a “spider” (software) to crawl the web and index all of its various pages. When you type a phrase or question into Google or Bing, the search engine springs into action and quickly sorts through its database of web pages to find matches to your query. You are then presented with a list of the “best” matches that the search engine has ranked for you in order of relevancy.

So how does it know which pages are the most relevant? Well, each search engine has its own secret algorithm, which is a very complex formula that it uses to determine which pages it thinks will be most helpful to you based on what you searched for. We don’t know exactly how the engines rank pages (they keep that information under lock-and-key), but over time the industry has developed a set of practices for various elements of web pages that search engines look at. This is SEO, or search engine optimization.

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