Marketing Consulting

There are plenty of definitions of marketing out there. Different people have completely different perceptions of what it means.

So let me clarify, when we mention marketing at Silver Bullet Web Solutions – it`s all about Direct Response Marketing.

What is Direct Response Marketing?

If you look at any form of advertising you will notice there are in general only two types of message:

  • Image Advertising / Institutional Advertising / Branding. Focused on promoting the brand. In essence there`s a premise that if people see your brand often enough they tend to favor it over competitor when they make their buying decision. Maybe they do, maybe they don`t… the fact is – there`s almost no way to track and analyse it. When it comes to SMEs I`d say, be careful if your primary objective is to get your brand seen as many times as possible – it might cost you an arm and leg… and lead to bankruptcy. Large companies often have completely different goals, like: impress friends and relatives; receive advertising awards; gain appreciation of shareholders… ROI of advertising campaign sometimes happens to be priority number 28 or lower… No doubt, it is effective to certain degree, however usually it`s very expensive and takes a lot of time to see results.
  • Direct Response Marketing. In short: Direct Response Marketing expects certain response from person exposed to the market message (buy, download, call, subscribe etc.); it has to be track-able; it has a powerful (ideally – irresistible… think about Mafia) offer; it is focused on specific problem and specific solution. For us Direct Response Marketing is the most ethical way to persuade your prospects and the fastest way to your profits.

Here`s a short list of expert resources to help you get deeper insight in a subject (people we admire, study thoroughly and recommend to people like you, interested in making more money):