Uldis Zalcmanis

Chief Executive Officer, marketing mercenary, web designer, husband, dad…

For last 10 years Uldis has been consulting multiple offline and online businesses, coaching start-ups, delivering sales trainings and implementing both offline and online direct response marketing campaigns in Europe and Asia. When he`s not building other people businesses through direct response marketing campaigns or creating stunning professional websites, you can expect to meet him in a park playing with his kids or having a friendly chat with his lovely wife.


Marketing mercenary with an attitude of a caring family member

Instead of giving you traditional boring stuff about why we are so cool and why you should deal with us, I decided to write a short personal letter.

Let`s be honest… just think for a moment, what pops up in your mind when you think about “internet marketing expert”.

  • Teenage geek with a pack of beer spending his lifetime behind multiple monitors in daddy`s garage ?
  • Wierdo using some strange slang words that no one from “real world” can understand?
  • Egocentric slacker millionaire driving exotic cars and picking up frivolous girls?

Well none of that relates to me and my team. Even more… I think I am a lot more like you.

  • I have been running brick-and-mortar businesses myself.
  • I have been implementing offline marketing strategies for my own businesses and my consulting clients.
  • I have been paid on contingency basis for enriching my customers and growing their businesses through offline direct response marketing campaings.
  • And… I have tried to stay away from online marketing myself… for a long time (and I still believe it`s just a media to promote your market message not a Business Model itself).

But… let`s face the facts:

  • 95% of the small and medium businesses in any geographic area are CLUELESS about even the most basic Internet marketing strategies. Huge advantage for those who do!
  • As opposite to other media advertising – your one time investment in online marketing can generate you long-term lead stream if applied properly.
  • The costs of online strategy implementation are way lower than advertising in traditional media. Costs of building and maintaining websites and blogs have never been so affordable.
  • Did you know that online product research shows that more than 58% of consumers perform online research concerning the products and services that they are considering purchasing. For you it means: Internet is one of the primary places where they look for your products. And… if you are not good in this game, they will find your competitor instead.

In short:

We Are Here To Help You Make More Money. Period!

It’s straight to the point. It’s honest. It’s what we do. Give me a chance to talk to you, and let’s see if we match. If we do, rest assured I’ll help you make more money. That’s my promise.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Uldis Zalcmanis (CEO)