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Warning! Do Not Endanger Your Website Development

Following Checklist Can Save You A Lot of Money And Frustrations

  • Does your web designer has business and marketing background? While it is possible to find a sophisticated artist amongst those developing websites, you can leave a lot on table if your website is not built with business development and profit generation in mind.
  • Are you going to pay for web design company`s fancy office rent or for actual result (website)? Freelancers can be more flexible and charge less as they normally have very little overhead. Large web design companies can charge you for prestige and expensive shoes they are wearing. Obviously there`s much more than this, but stating the problem is half of the solution, isn`t it?
  • Can your website be updated as easily as MS Word document? It was early 80s when ugly designs and static sites were prevailing. Currently even my 8-year old doughter can update my sites, so should you or anyone else.
  • Can your website be easily modified, upgraded and adjusted? What if some time from now you decide to add another menu item just to find out that it requires your designer to rework everything from scratch (and obviously charge you for that)? Think about future and flexibility before you commit to anything.
  • Will you be able to change your web designer later should you wish so? For example, custom built CMS in plain English means that no one except person or company who customized/created it will make sense out of it. Paying someone just because they are the only to make adjustments… how`s that for a bright future? I call it voluntary hostage. Just make sure it is really what you are after.
  • Is your site built with search engines in mind? Well, nowadays everyone and their gold fish claim to have Search Engine Optimized sites. Too wide topic to cover here, but at minimum you could ask to explain in detail what do they mean. Even better, if you can see some proof of rankings in Google. It may come as a surprise to you, but they don`t teach proper SEO at web design schools.
  • Is your site going to be finished before you give up? Honestly, one of the reasons why I started to develop sites for my own businesses was because I was let down too many times by extremely slow development speeds of web design companies I hired. Why? It`s not the question you should ask as there will always be options. If you want it to get it done fast make sure you are working with someone who has proven track record in fast delivery.